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Gardening To-Do’s – Winter Rainfall Regions – August

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What to do in your garden during August

In winter rainfall regions follow the tips beneath as a basic maintenance guide for your garden this August.

Plant and Sow


Wait until next month to sow summer-flowering annuals.


Sow vegetables like:


Start planting summer-flowering bulbs:

Garden Maintenance


  • Fertilize Summer-flowering bulbs and keep them moist.

General Gardening Maintenance

  • Mow the lawn if necessary.
  • Mulch the garden beds.
  • Start planning the summer garden now.
  • Remember to deadhead annuals and bedding plants regularly and feed every 2 weeks or so with diluted liquid fertilizer.
  • Pull up spent winter annuals and vegetables and prepare the soil for new planting.
  • Continue to remove weeds from lawns and pavings.
  • Dead, diseased and damaged wood from deciduous trees and shrubs can be removed.

August maintenance tips on watering, pruning,
pests and disease, fertilizing and much more visit our countrywide maintenance guide.

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