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Gardening to-do’s – Subtropical Regions – June


What to do in your garden during June

In subtropical regions of the country do the following during June.

Plant and Sow


The following annuals or seedlings can be planted out from trays in June:

Herbs and Vegetables

Sow vegetables like:

Garden Maintenance

  • Watch out for mildew on plants, especially on zinnias, and spray if necessary.
  • Feed cannas with Wonder (3:1:5 26) SR. 
  • Mulch with compost and water regularly.
  • Deadhead flowering plants.
  • Plant summer-flowering annuals.
  • Feed citrus and litchi trees.

Feed and Fertilize

  • Reduce feeding throughout the garden during June and the cooler months ahead.
  • Feed winter-flowering annuals every 14 days with a water-soluble fertilizer like Nitrosol or Multifeed.
  • Keep your spring-flowering bulbs moist at all times and feed them with bulb food for best results.


If you didn’t make use of mulch during the hotter months, you have no excuse now as mulching will prevent the soil from losing moisture on hot days in the warmer regions. Mulch will also help with protection on cold frosty nights in the colder regions and serve a dual purpose for our more temperate regions! In case you needed yet another reason to get stuck in, mulch is also great for suppressing weed growth.

For June maintenance tips on pruning, pests and disease, fertilizing and much more visit our countrywide maintenance guide.

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