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Gardening To-Do’s – Temperate Summer-Rainfall Regions – June


What to do in your garden during June

In temperate summer-rainfall regions do the following in your garden during June.

Plant and Sow


The following annuals or seedlings can be planted out from trays in June:

Herbs and Vegetables

The following seedlings can be planted now

General Maintenance

  • Water the lawn, and mow it, once a month.
  • Once a week, water azaleascamellias, magnolias and all shrubs from the winter-rainfall areas.
  • Avoid overwatering indigenous winter-flowering annuals, such as Livingston and Namaqualand daisies.
  • Transplant woody shrubs.
  • Water container plants regularly.

For June maintenance tips on pruning,
pests and disease, fertilizing and much more visit our countrywide maintenance guide.

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