Capsicum annuum var. longum, C. var. annuum

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum var. longum, C. var. annuum

Common Name(s): Sweet peppers



Sweet peppers (bell peppers) and hot peppers (chilli or cayenne peppers) come from the same family and are all warm-season crops.

Family: Solanaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: KAP-sih-kum AN-yoo-um

Frost Hardy
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Moderate Watering
Pruning Required

Common Pests and Diseases

Cutworms at the seedling stage. Bacterial wilt, sun scald (caused by sunburn).






Fruits are ready to harvest after about three months. To prolong production, do not let fruits ripen on the plants.

Interesting Info

Green and red bell peppers are not different varieties: if the green fruits are left on the plant long enough, they turn yellow, red or purple, depending on the variety; shapes vary too, from rounded to tapering.


Water regularly. Once the plants start to flower, feed with a general fertilizer that is high in potassium and low in nitrogen to promote flowering and fruiting.


South America

Planting Instructions

Sow seed in seed trays and prick out when seedlings are large enough to handle. Plant seedlings 600mm apart in prepared rows, spaced 800mm apart. Sweet peppers require similar growing conditions to tomatoes and brinjals.


Four to six well-grown plants are enough for a family of four.

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