Our Story

We are on a green mission to guide South Africans to become great gardeners, so they can live a more stress-free, healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle, to share with their family and friends while they sustainably grow their own food and make the world a better place by helping their local community.

Plantinfo started as an ornamental plant and gardening database in 2012 when Kyle Moolman a second year Horticulture student at the time couldn’t find any relevant useful South African gardening or ornamental plant Information online. The Idea was born to develop a South African Gardening website with a reliable plant database. This Plantinfo website would always be free to the public and all South African gardeners.

Plantinfo started developing dedicated website pages for each plant with a how growing guide on successfully gardening with that plant. This allowed the team to provide retail nurseries with a QR code for each plant so gardeners could see all the Information they want on a plant while in the store deciding If they want to buy It and to see which plants could grow well together.

Now In his 3rd year 2012 Kyle Moolman was working holidays and weekends in the personal garden of well-known gardening celebrity Keith Kirsten. One morning while watering the gardenias In Keith’s courtyard Kyle mentioned his new business and database concept, Keith was intrigued and invited Kyle to a meeting resulting in a collaboration and the online licensing of the Keith Kirsten brand by PlantInfo. Plantinfo had secured a wealth of reliable gardening Information from one of the most respected gardeners In South African history. More Importantly Plantinfo could focus on building Its database from a reliable Information source. Plantinfo no longer licences the Keith Kirsten brand, but keeps in good relations with Keith.

Today the better half of a decade later Plantinfo stands as the definitive online ornamental plant database and Gardening website In South Africa. Plantinfo serves average of 1000 South Africans with fund reliable gardening information every day.  

Plantinfo’s trade clients enjoy effective measurable Interaction with South African gardeners. They are able to Interact and promote their products and services at the gardener’s leisure, when the gardener Is actually looking for them and wants to see their products to solve their gardening problem.

To grow the Plantinfo green mission of change and help all South Africans become green superheroes who grow beautiful sustainable gardens and vegetables to share with their family and friends while making the world a greener better place.

The Plantinfo Code of Honour

I am a Green Superhero;
I fight for a healthier more optimistic world.

A world where plants and gardening make life fun to live.

Where all encourage a healthy happy lifestyle free from the chains of monetary obligations and absurd expectations of “The American Dream”.

I fight for a modern technological world of self-grown sustainable food and freedom to all.

I fight for an everyday lifestyle in the technological age where time is abundant, and all spend it to appreciate and enjoy life while they live it, as it is intended by nature.

As a green superhero, it is my obligation and duty to make gardening information available and to encourage plants and gardening as a solution to a better, healthier, and more relaxing lifestyle in the busy modern technological world.

There is a Gardener in everyone, it’s my destiny and obligation to help the world realize this, to improve their lives and to grow the green mission of change.

If YOU ARE A GREEN SUPERHERO and believe in our mission, join our pledge, follow our brand and LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER!

Plantinfo War Cry

Modern gardening is the gateway to a free, fun and healthy lifestyle for all and the world we live in.

It is our job and obsession, to make information available, and to encourage plants and food gardening as a solution to a happier, healthier and better, more relaxing and productive lifestyle, in the busy modern technological world.

Plants and gardening make life better, so let’s live it!

Together our passion, knowledge and expertise promise to inspire, educate and revolutionise the South African gardening community and industry. Providing our users with endless hours of inspiration and exiting factual information, advice, tips, stories, videos and articles Plantinfo undoubtedly sets the online industry standard.

Plantinfo.co.za brings you endless hours of inspiration and exiting factual plant and gardening; information, advice, tips, stories and articles which promise to grow your gardening knowledge and spur your green passion to new heights. We have prepared the soil, planted the seeds and are watering every day to keep growing plantinfo.co.za into the most effective plant and gardening information source for South African gardeners.