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Plant description:

Pineapples are close relatives of bromeliads and, despite their spiky leaves, can be grown in a small space; they also make excellent container plants. They are best suited to gardens in subtropical areas.The two main types are the sweet, medium to small, yellow queen varieties and the large, juicy greenish-yellow cayenne varieties.

Family: Bromeliaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: A-nan-as kom-OH-sus

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Botanical name

Ananas comosus

Plant Care



Common name(s)




This plant bears spiky leaves.

Uses in landscape design

Subtropical gardens

Planting instructions

Start new plants in spring from a leafy top, or ‘crown’, cut from a ripe fruit. Allow the top to dry for a day and plant about 50mm deep in well-drained, organically enriched soil.


After fruiting, cut the plant back to the strongest sucker for the next crop. Feed regularly with liquid fertilizer.


Cut pineapples when well developed and a good change in colour can be seen. Store at room temperature.

Soil conditions

Well drained , Enriched

Common pests and diseases

Rarely a problem.


Cut pineapples when well developed and a good change in colour can be seen. Store at room temperature.

This plant bears spiky leaves.

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