Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Common Name(s): Chard, Swiss chard



Beta vulgaris var. cicla is a leafy garden vegetable. The foliage can be green or red, fresh young chard can be used in salads and the mature chard is cooked.

Family: Amaranthaceae

Synonym: Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla

Botanical Pronunciation: BET-ah vul-GAIR-iss variety SICK-lah

Non Indigenous
Low Maintenance
Full Sun
Half Sun
Moderate Watering


The foliage can be green or red, fresh young chard can be used in salads and the mature chard is cooked.

Growth Habit

This plant has an upright growth habit.


Harvest while leaves are young and tender, or after maturity when they are larger and have slightly tougher stems.


Mediterranean region


Planting Instructions

Plant in full sun or part shade.


0.4-0.7 m * 0.3-0.6 m


Uses:: Cullinary: salads , yes | Medicinal: | Cultural: | Commercial: | Cosmetics: | Other Uses: | Part Used: Foliage | Attracts: | Features:

Uses in landscape design

For ornamental use, grow at the front of beds and borders, in cottage gardens, at the edge of sidewalks/paths or in mixed containers.

Informal/ cottage style , Vegetable garden

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