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Botanical name

Paeonia x hybrids

Plant Care


Common name(s)



Uses in landscape design

They can also be grown in large containers in a cool position.

Planting instructions

They do best in semi-shade or where they get only morning sun, keep this in mind when selecting where to place these bulbs.


These bulbs must be left undisturbed.These gross feeders need lots of water and regular feeding throughout their active summer growing season.Mark their position so they will not be disturbed or damaged during their dormant winter period.

Soil conditions

They need well drained, compost-enriched soil and enjoy a thick mulch of organic material at all times.


Peonies make fine cut flowers.

Interesting info

Peonies grow in areas with cold winters, such as the Highveld, eastern Free State, KZN Midlands and higher inland parts of the Western Cape in Southern Africa.

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Pioenroos (A)

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