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Botanical name

Fragaria vesca

Plant Care



Bears small white flowers.

Common name(s)

Alpine strawberry



Dark green leafy runners.


Bears small, edible strawberries.


Medicinal – A tea made of the leaves will treat diarrhoea, diabetes, kidney infections, liver problems and digestive ailments. The fruit is a good skin treatment for sunburn and acne, and helps to whiten the teeth!

Interesting planting ideas

Don't grow strawberries near cabbages, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, ornamental kale or multi-leaved green kale., as they stunt the growth of strawberries. They also find rosemary, thyme and the mints too strong for them and they will not spread with their runners, if these three herbs are near them. The worst is gladioli, strawberries will die if they are planted anywhere near gladioli.


To propagate strawberries, dig over a bed in full sun, lots of compost should be added. At the end of summer, carefully snip off the attached runners and immediately plant them out, spaced 300mm apart.

Other languages

Alpe aarbei (A)

Bears small white flowers.

Dark green leafy runners.

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