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Plant description:

A background and foreground screening shrub with a dense habit and dark green, high-gloss leaves. Numerous cultivars are available: ‘Coffee Cream’ has creamy yellow-edged foliage; ‘Coppershine’ is fast growing and has glossy foliage with a copper-bronze tinge that becomes darker in winter; ‘Marble Chips’ grows up to 1.5m and is variegated, with combinations of green and white, and very glossy speckled and margined leaves; a more upright-growing coprosma, it is excellent in semi-shade. ‘Picturata’ is similar to ‘Marble Chips’, but with a golden central section surrounded by glossy, bright green. ‘Pink Splendour’ has dark green, glossy leaves with maroon- and pink shaded edges that colour best in winter. ‘Rainbow Surprise’ is a low-growing colourful shrub with small yellow-green and pink glossy leaves. It makes an ideal rockery plant. ‘Taupata Gold’ (2m) has decorative, glossy cream-coloured leaves with green centres. ’Variegata’ (1.5m) has green leaves with a creamy-white border. ‘Yvonne’ grows to 1m, and is a dark-green, glossy leafed, compact shrub. Its leaves have brown edges that appear darker in winter.

Family: Rubiaceae

Synonym: Coprosma baueri

Botanical Pronunciation: kop-ROS-muh REE-penz

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Botanical name

Coprosma repens

Plant Care




This plant has male and female flowers.

Common name(s)

Mirror bush



This plant bears dark green, high-gloss leaves.

Uses in landscape design

This plant works best as a windbreak or focal plant.


Drought tolerance


Soil conditions

Well drained , Fertile , Moist , Tolerates a variety of soil types , Prefers sandy soils

Growth rate


Interesting info

This plant originally comes from coastal areas of New Zealand. The genus of this plant belongs to the same family as the coffee plant.

Other languages

Spieëlplant (A)

This plant has male and female flowers.

This plant bears dark green, high-gloss leaves.

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