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Botanical name

Anthriscus cerefolium

Plant Care


Common name(s)



Planting Instructions

Sow seeds 3mm deep and 30cm apart. Keep the soil moist. Seedlings emerge in 14-28 days.


Keep the soil moist but not saturated. Pinch plants and deadhead to encourage better growth.

Soil Conditions

Chervil does well in average soil.


Medicinal: Chervil is used for fluid retention, cough, indigestion, and high blood pressure. Juice from fresh chervil is used for gout, abscesses, and eczema.

Culinary: Chervil is used in the same way as parsley and is used in chicken, fish and egg dishes.


Best way to grow it is to sow seeds directly in the garden.


About 6 to 8 weeks after sowing.

When to sow

Sow from winter to early spring.

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