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Botanical name

Origanum vulgare

Plant Care



Common name(s)




Oregano has small, oval, fragrant leaves.

Uses in landscape design

Oregano makes a good container plant. Make sure its in a sunny position. Also, the creeping varieties make excellent path edgings and ground covers.


Origano is evergreen all year round, withstands frost and benefits from pruning.

Soil conditions

Likes average soil.


A favourite herb for Italian, Spanish and Mexican dishes, especially with pizza, pasta and tomato-based dishes.
Can be used to make an insect repellent spray.
Medicinal –  A tea made from this herb will ease indigestion, anxiety attacks, menstrual cramps, nausea, exhaustion, soothe aches and pains, fever and flu. The cooled tea makes a face wash for oily, spotty skin.

Wildlife attractions

This plant will attract bees.

Interesting planting ideas

Does well in containers in full sun, but requires good drainage.
They are very easy to grow and great companion plants. Grow under tomatoes, green peppers and brinjals, no insect will come near them. The entire vegetable garden will benefit from these plants, even between roses and summer annuals. Moreover, It will encourage bees to pollinate nearby fruit trees. .

Interesting info

It has strong insect-repelling abilities, rich flavonoids and volatile oils.


Grow from seed or cuttings in spring.


Can harvest any time of year.

Oregano has small, oval, fragrant leaves.

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