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Botanical name

Artemisia dracunculus

Plant Care



Common name(s)




A herbaceous perennial with narrow, aromatic leaves.


Both the fresh and dried leaves are used for flavouring salads, in egg and cheese dishes, with white fish, and in delicate sauces.

Interesting planting ideas

Plant alongside beans, it will help the beans to remain insect free, even discourage caterpillars, and help the beans to thrive.
Grow with hollyhocks and nasturtiums, it will keep them free of black aphids and whitefly.
Plant near beans, beetroot, brinjals, cabbages, carrots, fruit trees, gooseberries, green peppers, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, roses and strawberries.

Interesting info

Tarragon is difficult to grow from seed.


Propagate from cuttings in spring or by division. Tarragon is difficult to grow from seed.

A herbaceous perennial with narrow, aromatic leaves.

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