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Plant description:

Cymbopogon nardus originates from the tropical regions of southeast Asia and does not survive cold temperatures. This tropical grass forms clumps and can reach up 1.8m tall. It is the source for citronella oil and is used in aroma therapy and is believed to have antiseptic properties. The citronella oil is distracted from the stem of the plant.

Family: Poaceae

Synonym: Andropogon nardus

Botanical Pronunciation: sim-buh-POH-gon Nard-us

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Botanical name

Cymbopogon nardus

Plant Care


Common name(s)

Citronella Grass


Uses in landscape design

Can be planted in containers or along walk ways.

Planting instructions

Plant in full sun before winter and provide plenty of water. (76cm of water in a year)


Uses:: Cullinary: Medicinal: Cultural: Commercial: Cosmetics: Other Uses: Part Used: Attracts: Features: Fragrant/ scented foliage

Interesting info

When handling or coming in to contact with C. nardus, it may irritate the skin in some individuals and cause dermatitis in certain individuals.

Cymbopogon nardus

Cymbopogon nardus

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