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Botanical name

Nepeta faassenii syn. N. mussinii

Plant Care




Bears mauve flowers.

Common name(s)




A low-growing, trailing herb with silver-grey foliage.

Uses in landscape design

Excellent border plant for the herb and rose garden, but it has no culinary uses for people. Grows well in containers.


This plant needs pruning.

Soil conditions

Catmint thrives in well-dug, well drained, moist, richly composted soil.


Medicinal – A tea made from catmint can be used to combat varicose veins.

Wildlife attractions

This plant attracts house cats, bees and butterflies.

Interesting planting ideas

Grows well in containers.
Plant catmint around rose gardens, fruit trees and vegetable gardens, it will repel insects, rats and mice. the flowers entice the bees and butterflies, which help with pollination.
All plants benefit from its insect-repelling properties.


Can be propagated by cutting off the outer rooted sprigs and replanting them immediately. Also by root division.


The leaves can be picked when young and the whole plant can be preserved by drying it out.

Bears mauve flowers.

A low-growing, trailing herb with silver-grey foliage.

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