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Botanical name

Allium sativum

Plant Care




The plant has round pinkish flowerheads.

Common name(s)




A perennial plant, consisting of a clump of flat leaves.

Planting instructions

Press individual cloves 30mm deep into well-prepared soil and space them about 80mm apart.

Soil conditions

This plant relies on well-prepared soil.


The bulb is widely used for flavouring salads and meat dishes, and in Mediterranean and Indian cooking.
Garlic can be used to make insect spray.
Medicinal – Garlic is a natural antibiotic, an antiseptic, a blood tonic, toner and cleanser. If you eat garlic regularly, it will remove toxic build-up, lower high cholesterol and ease high blood pressure

Interesting planting ideas

Garlic is a good protector against insects and helps prevent leaf curl. Plant garlic around fruit trees or vegetable gardens, it forms a barrier against borers, caterpillars and cutworms. 
Plant near beetroot, chard, orange trees, lemon trees, lettuces, spinach, roses and tomatoes
Don't plant near beans, cabbages, peas, broccoli or strawberries.

Interesting info

Garlic is a close relative of the onion and is mainly used as a flavouring in cooking.


Propagate by seed, bulblets or cloves in spring, autumn and winter. Plant individual cloves broken off from the bulb directly. Keep moist until they shoot, water well every few days thereafter.


Once the flowers have died down and the foliage starts drying out, the bulbs are ready to be lifted, usually about eight to nine months from planting.

Seed sowing instructions

Seed can be sown in trays filled with sand in spring or autumn. Keep moist and protected until strong enough to handle.

The plant has round pinkish flowerheads.

A perennial plant, consisting of a clump of flat leaves.

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