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Gardening To-Do’s – Subtropical Regions – July


What to do in your garden during June

Winter is steadily moving along. With spring just around the corner, July brings longer days and warmer temperatures. The month of July is the gardener’s time to prune, plant and prepare for spring.

Follow these tips and pointers on what to plant, prune and maintain this month to make the best of your garden this July.

Plant And Sow


View our countrywide guide for great suggestions.

Bulbs to plant during July:

View our countrywide guide for great suggestions.

Herbs and vegetables

These vegetable seedlings can be planted out in open soil during July.

Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

For great suggestions view our countrywide guide.

Garden Maintenance

General garden maintenance

  • Do not neglect your container plants; prune them lightly and feed and water them regularly.
  •  Leave fallen leaves to act as a mulch in flowerbeds.
  •  Water all shrubs once a month.
  • Cut out the dead branches from garden trees.
  •  Feed annuals and pinch back seedlings to encourage bushiness.
  •  Start feeding shrubs with a fertilizer high in potassium like Wonder 3:1:5 (26) SR or 5:1:5 (22) with Black Urea.
  • Water and mow the lawn if necessary.
  •  Fertilize Mangoes and prune Granadillas.

For July maintenance tips on watering, pruning, pests and disease, fertilizing and much more visit our countrywide maintenance guide.

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