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Botanical name

Sutera Giant Snowflake PBR & TM

Plant Care




Bears masses of white blooms.

Common name(s)

Sutera Giant Snowflake PBR & TM

Uses in landscape design

Makes for an excellent container, hanging basket, window box or landscape plant.


To ensure the best possible performance of your Sutera, apply fertilizer or compost to your garden beds and fertilize and water containerized plants regularly.

Interesting planting ideas

When drought stressed this Sutera will not wilt. It will drop both the flower buds and flowers before the plant showing signs of wilting. This Sutera will take around 2 weeks to come back into bloom after being drought stressed.To monitor soil moisture you could plant Sutera alongside a plant that does wilt. Verbena, coleus and petunias are some good examples to consider. These will serve as indicator plants and will warn you when to water before the Sutera dries out and drops its blooms.

Interesting info

This plant is self-cleaning and no deadheading is necessary.

Growth habit

This perennial groundcover has a trailing growth habit.

Bears masses of white blooms.

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