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Plant description:

Considered by many to be the loveliest palm, but suitable only for subtropical areas. Greyish trunks narrow from a wide base, rising to a smooth green sheath that bulges slightly towards the crown, where 2–3m-long leaves form attractive plumes. As this palm can grow up to 20m tall, it needs a very large garden with plenty of space.

Family: –

Synonym: –

Botanical Pronunciation: roi-STON-ee-a

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Botanical name

Roystonea regia

Plant Care



Common name(s)

Royal palm



The palm bears 2–3 m-long leaves form attractive plumes.

Uses in landscape design

This large tree is suitable only for subtropical areas. Large gardens , Subtropical gardens

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Kubaanse rojaalpalm (A)

The palm bears 2–3 m-long leaves form attractive plumes.

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