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Plant description:

Attractive, slender, grey-green leaves and spikes of blue flowers flushed with pink. Penstemon x hybrid ‘Alice Hindley’ (400mm), an evergreen, has narrow, light green foliage, trumpet-shaped, bright pink flowers from spring to summer. ‘Blackbird’, slightly taller, bears purple-black flowers with a yellow throat from autumn to spring; Strawberry Ice’ (500mm) has pale pink flowers from spring to summer; ‘Windsor Red’ has red flowers in spring and late summer. Needs good drainage.

Family: –

Synonym: –

Botanical Pronunciation: PEN-ste-mon het-er-oh-FIL-us

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Botanical name

Penstemon heterophyllus

Plant Care



Bears spikes of blue flowers flushed with pink.

Common name(s)

Blue penstemon



Plant has grey-green leaves.

Soil conditions

Well drained

Other languages

Blou skildblom (A)

Bears spikes of blue flowers flushed with pink.

Plant has grey-green leaves.

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