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Plant description:

A large, evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy, dark green foliage that develops a dense crown. White flowers appear from spring to summer, followed by red fruits enclosed by bladder like structures. Rather slow growing, with an expected growth rate of about 30cm per year. This decorative shrub attracts birds. The fast-growing D. lycioides (bluebush) bears sweetly scented white flowers followed by decorative red berries. It is drought resistant.

Family: Ebenaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: dy-oh-SPY-ros why-tee-AH-nuh

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Botanical name

Diospyros whyteana

Plant Care




This shrub carries white flowers.

Common name(s)




It has glossy, dark green foliage.

Uses in landscape design

A beautiful screening shrub, and also suitable as a hedge plant. Will tolerate shady conditions, drought and salt-laden wind at the coast. It is termite resistant, and attracts birds.

Planting instructions

Planting: Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two thirds of the topsoil with one third compost in the bottom of the hole, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well.
Watering and feeding: Does not need a lot of attention once established, except for watering when dry. Feed with a general fertiliser during spring and water in well.
Pruning: Cut back in order to promote a bushy form or to shape the plant.


The Diospyros whyteana carries red fruits enclosed in bladder-like structures.

Other languages

Swartbas (A)
Umkhaze (Z)
Umtenatane (X)
Mohlatsane (NS)

This shrub carries white flowers.

It has glossy, dark green foliage.

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