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Plant description:

The immature leaves of Combretum molle have fine, soft hairs giving the leaves a velvety feel. Combretum molle will attract bees and other insects with its sweet sent. Combretum molle is a small to medium, quick growing deciduous tree that will attract birds as well. Young plants need protection from the cold in winter but more mature trees are cold hardy. Combretum molle do not have aggressive root systems and is thus suited for planting along boundary walls.

Family: Combretaceae

Synonym: –

Botanical Pronunciation: –

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Botanical name

Combretum molle

Plant Care




Flowers appear from Sept to Nov.

Common name(s)

Eng – Velvet bushwillow, Afr – Fluweelboswilg


Interesting info

The wood of Combretum molle is termite proof making it useful for fence posts and the leaves are used for red fabric dyes.

Plant features

In traditional medicine the roots are used for cough medicine and the leaves are used to dress wounds.

Flowers appear from Sept to Nov.

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