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Plant description:

The fragrant white, star-shaped flowers show up well against the attractive, dark, evergreen foliage. The clusters of flowers appear in spring, sometimes in late summer. A lovely, rounded, compact, medium-sized shrub for planting in courtyards, patios, large pots and mixed borders. It belongs to the citrus family, so the leaves are aromatic, and consist of three glossy deep green leaflets. This shrub prefers a cool climate, and does not do well in warm or subtropical areas.


Family: Rutaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: choy-zee-a ter-NAH-ta.

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Botanical name

Choisya ternata

Plant Care




Fragrant white flowers.

Common name(s)

Mexican orange



Forms attractive, dark, evergreen foliage.

Uses in landscape design

An excellent shrub for planting in courtyards, patios, large pots and mixed borders.
Patio or container gardening , Informal/ cottage style

Planting instructions

Planting: Likes slightly acid soil that is well drained and rich in compost. Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two thirds of the topsoil with one third acid compost in the bottom of the hole, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well. Keep plants mulched with compost.
Watering and feeding: Water during dry weather and feed in spring with a general fertiliser for flowering plants.
Pruning: Prune lightly after flowering if you wish to promote bushy growth.

Interesting info

Fragrant/ scented flower

Fragrant white flowers.

Forms attractive, dark, evergreen foliage.

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