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Plant description:

Known as the most common thorn tree of the veld this fast growing, drought resistant Acacia has rather sparse foliage, with dark green leaves. It bears quantities of sweetly scented, golden-yellow mimosa-like balls of flowers several times during summer. It is fast growing, tolerates damp growing conditions, attracts insects and birds to the garden and makes for a great shade tree. A. karroo has long, straight white thorns which are formed in pairs and produces sickle-shaped pods after flowering.

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Botanical name

Acacia karroo

Plant Care




The sweetly-scented golden-yellow puffball-shaped flowers bloom intermittently all summer.

Common name(s)

Sweet Thorn


Drought tolerance


Soil conditions

Acacia karroo grows best in deep, blackish nutrient-rich clay soils, however it does tolerate a variety of different soil conditions.

Growth rate

Moderately Fast


Uses:: Cullinary: Medicinal: yes Cultural: yes Commercial: yes Cosmetics: Other Uses: Part Used: Attracts: Features:

Interesting info

The gum is also used in the food, ink, detergent, pharmaceutical, glue and paint industries. The majority of Acacia Karoo gum is produced by Zimbabwe, however lately gum produced in Zimbabwe cannot be sold in Europe or the USA.The gold coloured gum produced by this Acacia is chewed bush babies and monkeys, it is also collected from the tree and is sold as a gum Arabic substitute. 


 Propagate from seed soaked in boiling water over night.

Possible problems

The long thorns can cause injury to humans and animals, and can puncture vehicle tyres.

The sweetly-scented golden-yellow puffball-shaped flowers bloom intermittently all summer.

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