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Plant description:

Striking golden foliage, white flowers and red berries, plus the ability to tolerate severe winters, makes this extremely useful for colour contrast. S. racemosa ‘Aurea’ is similar, but has bright limeyellow foliage that makes it an excellent contrast plant for cold climates.

Family: Adoxaceae

Synonym: Sambucus microbotrys

Botanical Pronunciation: sam-BYOO-kus ray-see-MO-suh

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Botanical name

Sambucus racemosa 'Plumosus Aurea'

Plant Care




This plant bears white flowers.

Common name(s)

Golden elder



This plant bears striking golden foliage.

Uses in landscape design

This plant can tolerate severe winters which makes it extremely useful for colour contrast planting.


This plant carries red berries.

Other languages

Goue vlierbessie (A)

This plant bears white flowers.

This plant bears striking golden foliage.

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