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Common name(s)


Plant Care




Botanical name

Physalis edulis


It has grey-green velvety heart-shaped leaves on ribbed purplish hairy stems.


Bears globular fruits, each enclosed in a bladderlike husk which becomes papery on maturity.

Soil conditions

Well-drained, light and sandy.

Planting instructions

Grow from seed in trays. Scatter seeds evenly over the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of soil 5mm in depth. Alternatively, use vermiculite as a covering. Press down to keep the seeds in place. Water well. Keep the tray in a warm, sheltered position for germination to take place. Transplant seedlings, when they are about 10cm tall, into well-prepared garden beds. Space them 90cm apart.

Interesting planting ideas

Beans, Tomatoes, chives and tansy are listed as companion plants for Gooseberry and they help deter the gooseberry sawfly.

Interesting Info

Gooseberries are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin B3

Common pests and diseases

Prone to powdery mildew and soft brown scale. Also, root rots and viruses if on poorly drained soil or if carried over to a second year.


They take approximately 180 days from sowing to harvest.


A single plant can yield up to 300 berries per plant.

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