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Plant description:

A popular large shrub or small tree, widely grown for its magnificent golden to yellow foliage. Upright growing with a narrow crown, and a single stem with fissured brown bark. Flowers are insignificant. It is fast growing. Excellent for contrast planting, it has fern-like foliage that can be cut for flower arranging. The smaller M. bracteata ‘Golden Gem’ (1 x 1m) is a low-growing shrub with fine lemonyellow leaves. It is a good rock-garden plant and does not need pruning.

Family: Myrtaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: me-luh-LOO-kuh

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Botanical name

Melaleuca bracteata 'Johannesburg Gold'

Plant Care



Common name(s)

Golden melaleuca



Has fern-like foliage.

Uses in landscape design

Excellent for contrast planting. The fern-like foliage can be cut for flower arranging. Established plants will tolerate drought and wind near the coast.

Planting instructions

Planting: Prefers well-drained, fertile soil. Dig a hole 60cm square and deep. Mix two thirds of the topsoil with one third compost in the bottom of the hole, add one cup of bone meal or superphosphate and mix well.
Watering and feeding: Water during dry weather in winter. Feed a general fertiliser in spring and midsummer, then water in well.
Pruning: Not necessary, but it can be cut and trained into a standard shape.

Growth rate



Folige can be cut for flower arranging.

Has fern-like foliage.
Melaleuca bracteata ‘Johannesburg Gold’ foliage

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