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Botanical name

Hyssopus officinalis


Common name(s)


Drought tolerance

Drought tolerant.


Deep blue/purple flowers


Plant Care

When to sow


Its small pointed leaves are lanceolate, dark green and compact.

Planting instructions

Plant hyssop just beneath the soil's surface 6mm deep. Hyssop seeds usually take between 14 and 21 days to germinate. Space hyssop plants about 150mm to 300mm apart.

Soil Conditions

well-drained soil


A tea made from Hyssop is used for digestive and intestinal problems. It is also used for respiratory infections.

Wildlife Attractions

A great plant for attracting bees, butterflies and beetles.


Harvest hyssop leaves as needed before the plant flowers. Pick flowers when the blooms are three-quarters open.

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