X Great White® var. ‘Andaval’ ᴺ ZA 20135260

Botanical Name: X Great White® var. ‘Andaval’ ᴺ ZA 20135260

Common Name(s): Agapanthus Great White

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A large white Agapanthus with monster flower heads that re-blooms in summer. Very compact attractive foliage. Mature plant size may vary due to growing conditions and climate. Flowers of evergreens appear over a long season in frost-free climates, and in summer elsewhere. Their narrow, rather upright habit makes them ideal border plants, but old yellowing foliage should be removed.

Family: Alliaceae

Botanical Pronunciation: ag-uh-PANTH-us

Frost Hardy
Full Sun
Low Watering

Drought Tolerance

These plants are tolerant of drought.



Tall showy white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer.

Agapanthus Great White flower



It has long arching lush green strap leaves.

Agapanthus Great White foliage 

Growth Rate



50 cm * 50 cm

Uses in landscape design

Agapanthus plants are the perfect plant for a wide range of garden aspects, great for edging a driveway or fence line.

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