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Plant description:

We think of sunflowers as giant plants with huge, daisy-like flowers, but multi-stemmed smaller varieties are also available. Easy to grow, sunflowers are popular as cut flowers. Sow in spring to summer in trays or directly into beds. Space or thin out seedlings to 500mm apart and feed regularly. Stake tall varieties. Different varieties have yellow to rust-brown flowers.

Family: – Asteraceae Daisy family

Botanical Pronunciation: hee-lee-AN-thus AN-yew-us

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Botanical name

Helianthus annuus

Plant Care



Description:Different varieties have yellow to rust-brown flowers.

Common name(s)




Description: Herbaceous foliage.

Uses in landscape design

Specimen or mass. Borders, cottage gardens, bird gardens, wildflower or native plant gardens.


Stake tall varieties and feed regularly.


Popular as cut flowers.
Valuable source of food oil.
Medicinal – Helps to treat malaria and control cholesterol. Eating the seeds sustains good health, treats chest ailments, tuberculoses, muscular aches and rheumatic conditions.

Wildlife attractions


Interesting planting ideas

Sunflowers help improve soil and it is a great companion plant, especially to meilies. They act like a trap crop for wasps, beetles and stink bugs, attracting them with their bright colours, pollen and nectar.
Don't plant near beans or potatoes.

Common pests and diseases

Rust, leaf fungal spots and powdery mildew and caterpillars and beetles often chew on the foliage.

When to sow

Seed sowing instructions

Sow in trays or directly into beds. Space or thin out seedlings to 500mm apart.

Description:Different varieties have yellow to rust-brown flowers.

Description: Herbaceous foliage.

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