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Botanical name

Eucalyptus cinerea

Plant Care



Common name(s)

Florist gum, Penny gum, Silver dollar tree



A fast-growing tree with ash-grey foliage.

Uses in landscape design

Suitable for contrast planting. An excellent windbreak tree for large dry gardens.


The tree needs pruning to encourage the development of branches.

Growth rate


Possible problems

Eucalyptus roots can cause problems if these trees are planted to close to structures.
In some cases Eucalyptus are known to be thirsty. In nature (in Australia) Eucalyptus cinerea develop deep root systems as they search for water, in residential spaces they tend to develop shallower and wider root systems in their search for water. In some cases Eucalyptus have been reported to grow roots of up to 30 meters. If Eucalyptus cinerea trees are planted to close to the home their roots may penetrate foundations, plumbing pipes and lift paving’s and other structures. These trees are best planted in large open spaces.

A fast-growing tree with ash-grey foliage.

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