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Botanical name

Drosera pauciflora


Common name(s)

African sundew


An erect, leafless flowering stem arises from the centre of the rosette bearing pink to mauve flowers with fringed styles in spring.

Uses in landscape

Droseras make good house and conservatory plants but are better suited to being grown outdoors.

Soil condition

Well-drained, sandy soil.

Interesting info

Extracts of the leaves were used externally for warts, corns and sunburn. Tea made from the leaves were used for tuberculosis, asthma, coughs, eye and ear infection, liver pain, morning sickness, stomach conditions, syphilis, toothache and intestinal problems.


The leaves are egg-shaped, with the narrowest point at the base. Leaf stalks and stipules are absent. Leaves bear both knob-ended and straight tentacles.

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