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Botanical name

Cucurbita pepo var. clypeata


Common name(s)


Drought tolerance



Plant Care

Planting Instructions

Wait until the soil is warm and then sow seed directly. Plant seeds about 30mm deep, often planted in hills, or clusters, with two to three seeds per hill; space the hills 200-300mm apart. Hills can be thinned to one or two plants once the seedlings strong enough to handle.


Keep the vines well watered, especially when in bloom and producing. If they experience too much drought, patty pans will drop their flowers and fruits. Mulching helps keep the shallow root system cool and moist.


Harvest in 45 to 70 days.

Interesting Planting Ideas

Plant near radishes, corn, peas, beans, pumpkin, marigolds, and nasturtiums they are all good companion plants.

Common Pests & Diseases

Pattypan easily succumb to powdery mildew, downy mildew or anthracnose


4 to 5 plants are enough for a family of 4.

Soil conditions

Rich, well-drained soil.

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