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7 super bulbs to plant in Autumn

Anemones||freesias||Iris bulb|||
For that jaw dropping spring colour display you always see in the movies and magazines you need to plant your bulbs long before spring. You got it for spring colour you need to plant in Autumn when the temperatures drop, and the severe summer heat is over.When selecting bulbs in South Africa there are so many options to consider both indigenous and exotic. Beneath are some of the best bulbs to plant in South Africa this Autumn.

1 Daffodils

Stunning sweet scented yellow flowers make daffodils one of the most recognized bulbs in gardens today.  Plant them from around middle April to early June and keep them watered for a spectacular display in July to September.

2 Freesias

These stunners have been grown and gardened with for centuries. Attractive double and single tubular flowers, produce sweet scents and are a good addition to any floral arrangement. Cut flowers last well in water and the flowering bulbs look stunning in the garden.

3 Anemones

These are low-growing plants with either double or single flowers. Anemones are available in shades of red, purple, pink and white. These compact plants have masses of blooms that multiply with picking and make delightful cut flowers. Anemones are effective in pots and containers.

4 Irises

Well known bulbs these flourish in the garden if treated well. Brightly coloured flowers form over spear like foliage. Irises do well in containers and garden beds. Use them for an attractive display in the vase or spring colour in the garden bed.

5 Ranunculus

Various bright colours of these bulbs are available. They form large double flowers which make impressive floral arrangements or a spot of colour in the garden bed. Ranunculus can be susceptible to powdery mildew so plant them in a spot with good air movement and check them regularly.

6 Babiana

Babiana forms flower spikes which appear during spring in colours ranging from white and cream to blue, mauve and red. Remember to water Babiana bulbs regularly during dry spells, particularly in winter in the summer-rainfall regions.

7 Sparaxis

Also known as the Cape buttercup these perennials form brilliantly coloured and marked flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. Sparaxis are excellent for providing spring colour, particularly when planted in groups.

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