Chrysanthemum species

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum species

Common Name(s): Annual chrysanthemum

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These brilliant bedding plants can be sown directly throughout most of the year. Cover seeds thinly and thin out to 250mm apart. Flowers appear about 14 weeks after sowing. With its brightly coloured, daisy-like flowers with concentric rings of contrasting colours in red, pink, orange, yellow or white, C. carinatum (painted daisy) makes lovely cut flowers. C. multicaule bears bright yellow flowers. C. paludosum, with small, single white flowers, is an excellent border plant.

Family: – Asteraceae, Daisy family

Botanical Pronunciation: – kris-AN-theh-mum

Semi Frost Hardy
Non Indigenous
Full Sun
Moderate Watering



Chrysanthemum carry daisy-like flowers ranging from red, pink, orange, yellow or white.


Growth Rate




Seed Sowing Instructions

Sow seeds directly and cover thinly and thin out to 250mm apart.


Height: 15 cmSpread: 50 cm


Excellent cut flower.

Uses in landscape design

Chrysanthemum are brilliant bedding plants.

When to Sow

Throughout most of the year.

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