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Plant description:

These popular annuals come in a variety of sizes and colours. Flowers are large, funnel-shaped, single or double, some with frilly petals. New varieties offer an ever-increasing range of options for all growing conditions. In general, they are drought and heat tolerant; the hotter the sun, the more colourful the display. Petunias make excellent bedding and container plants.

Family: Solanaceae, nightshade family

Botanical Pronunciation: peh-TOON-yah

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Botanical name

Petunia spp

Plant Care




Funnel shaped flowers with 5 fussed lobes in various coloures.

Common name(s)




Soft textured downly and rounded leaves.

Uses in landscape design

These plants are brilliantly used in any boarder, container or hanging basket.

Planting instructions

These plants don’t tolerate drought well and should not be left to dry out.


Fertilize using a liquid fertilizer, dead head regularly and keep well watered.

Soil conditions

Prefer moist humus-rich and well drained soils, but tolerate a variety of soil conditions.

Growth rate


Wildlife attractions

Attracts butterflies, bees and other insects.

Interesting planting ideas

These plants make an impact when planted in mass and make incredible blobs of colour in the garden when the same colour is grouped together.

Interesting info

These plants will self seed themselves all over the garden if left to grow long enough.

Funnel shaped flowers with 5 fussed lobes in various coloures.

Soft textured downly and rounded leaves.
Petunia foliage

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