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When to prune fruit trees in South Africa

When should you prune your fruit trees in Southern Africa:

It is important to prune deciduous trees (peaches, nectarines, apples and pears etc.) in the first three years, as this is when their shape and size is established.

Fruit trees should be pruned during late winter, in South Africa the best time for pruning fruit trees is roughly between late June, July and early August depending on where in the country you are situated. In colder parts of South Africa it is best to wait until August to prune your fruit trees. Don’t prune too late as this will delay fruiting, but remember it’s better to prune late than not to prune fruit trees at all.

Some fruit trees form flowers and thus fruit on the hardened wood formed from the previous season’s growth. These buds are formed throughout winter and they flower in early spring. Thus if these fruit trees are pruned during late winter most of the flowers are pruned off as well, resulting in minimal fruit production and a poor floral display. These fruit trees should be pruned after fruiting.


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