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Tips when planting up a container:

Here is some tips when planting up a container:

Water plants before transplanting them to a container, this minimises stress on the plant during transplanting.

Pick a container relevant to the size of the plant, large plants enjoy larger containers with plenty of soil.

Fill and plant larger containers on their final resting spot, this will avoid the back breaking task of moving large containers full of heavy soil.

Always make sure containers have drainage holes, cover these with a piece of shade cloth to prevent soil from leaching during watering.

Don’t use garden soil in containers, special container soil blends (potting soils) are readily available form nurseries, garden centres and home improvement stores.

Group plants with similar water requirements together.

Mix a slow release granular fertilizer into your soil whilst adding it to the container.

Water well after planting and regularly check the soil moisture of you containers by digging your finger into the soil and water accordingly.
See- When and how to water containers, pots and containerised plants.

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