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Digging Over and Preparing Garden Beds For Planting

To produce a happy plant you need a happy root system and good soil preparation is essential for a healthy strong root system which in turn a vigorous and attractive plant.

Garden beds need to be dug over in preparation for new plantings of annualsperennials, ground covers and vegetablesDigging over incorporates new organic matter and fertilizer into the soil, improving the texture and helping to aerate it.

Poor soil and thus a poor root system prevents plants from growing at their full potential and often results in a plant being vulnerable to pest and disease damage.

In areas that experience heavy frost:

Autumn is the best time for digging beds. Leaving the rough clods as they fall exposes the greatest surface to frosts and cold winds, ensuring easy-to-work soil in the spring. In spring, fork over the whole area to break up the clods and add a light dressing of 3:2:1 (28) SR fertilizer and well-sifted compost.

In areas with mild winter:

Beds can be dug over throughout the year, then raked and levelled before watering to settle the soil. Proper soil preparation can be a daunting task, but both the gardener and the plants will always reap the rewards of well-prepared soil.

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