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Why should fruit trees be pruned?

Why prune fruit trees?

To create a healthy, strong fruit tree which produces good produce it is essential to prune. Pruning fruit trees will help produce an attractive and strong resilient fruit tree which produces good fruit and lots of it.It’s vital to prune fruit trees in the first three years, as this is when their shape and size is established. Remember, it is much easier to keep a tree small than try to prune a large tree into a manageable size.Here’s why your fruit trees need to be pruned:Pruning removes dead, diseased and unattractive growth which results in a strong healthy fruit tree which bears larger and more fruits.Pruning your fruit tree also encourages healthy new growth which leads to more flowers and ultimately more fruit.By pruning fruit trees you are able to control the height, growth pattern and structure of the tree. This makes it easier to care for the tree and keep it free from bugs and diseases. This also makes it easier to access the fruit when you harvest.One of the most important reasons to prune your fruit trees is to encourage air movement and light penetration into the canopy of the fruit tree. Thus helps reduce the build-up and spreading of pests and disease. More sunlight also equates to better fruit quality, that’s why the best fruit is always at the top of the tree.

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