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How to grow Amaryllis bulbs indoors in 6 steps

How to grow Amaryllis bulbs indoors for a special flower display

Top tips on how to grow Amaryllis bulbs indoors:

Grow Amaryllis bulbs indoors for Christmas:

Although amaryllis bulbs naturally flower in the spring, they are frequently grown as houseplants to force flowers in time for Christmas.

Plant Amaryllis bulbs in small containers

Amaryllis grow best when they are slightly pot-bound, thus the secret to growing these bulbs successfully is to plant the bulb in a container that is only little larger than the bulb’s width.

Step 1: Soak the bulbs in water before planting

Soak the bulbs in water for a few of hours before planting, this will hydrate the roots and speed up the process.

Step 2: Plant bulbs with the top third exposed

Plant Amaryllis bulbs in a well-drained compost with the top third of the bulb sitting above the soil line.

Step 3: Place planted Amaryllis bulbs on a windowsill

Place the pot on a windowsill in a well-lit area and water it gently until it sprouts. 

Step 4: Water Amaryllis bulbs regularly after growth appears

Once growth appears it’s time to increase watering to maintain soil moisture.

Step 5: Rotate potted Amaryllis bulbs regularly for a straight flower stem

Amaryllis grows toward the light so make sure you turning the pot every few days to maintain a straight stem.

Step 6: Relocate your Amaryllis to protect its flowers

Once your Amaryllis begins to flower, relocate the pot to a slightly cooler but still bright location to help the blooms stay fresh and attractive.

Amaryllis bulbs flower 5-6 weeks after planting

After planting your Amaryllis should flower six to eight weeks later and the flowers will last for a long time so these are the perfect indoor living decorations for Christmas time.

Amaryllis Bulb Growing tips:

Encourage a healthy bulb and showy flowers by feeding with a bulb food every month during the growing season

Cut flower stems back to 3 cm above the bulb after flowering.

You can keep feeding and watering Amaryllis bulbs up to April after which you need to leave them alone through winter. You can resume watering the bulbs in September.

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