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Why should you prune your roses in South Africa?

Why prune your roses?

Often considered a daunting task, rose pruning can be fun as it provides the mind with some alone time and often treats the gardener to a mental and even meditative state in which to relax, forget about work and stresses and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Pruning roses, helps rejuvenate your rose plants, it encourages new and more aggressive growth and leads to a more prominent and longer flowering period.
  • By pruning roses you improve air circulation and remove old growth which reduces disease build up and encourages a more attractivehealthy plant.
  • A good annual pruning means your
    roses will remain young and
    vigorous and reward you with bigger,
    better and more prominent flowers for longer periods of time.

  • A lesser reason for pruning roses, but still a valid one is the
    added benefit of a mental and even meditative state in which to relax, forget about work and other stresses and enjoy the amazing outdoors.
  • See how to prune your roses in South Africa



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