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When and how to water containers, pots and containerised plants

When and how you should water containers, pots and containerised plants.

When to water pots or containers:How often to water containers depends on the plants you grow in them, it’s important to group plants with the same watering requirements together – check the water requirement icon on plants in the PlantInfo database.Containers are easily over or under watered, to avoid this regularly check the soil moisture of your containers by digging your finger 2-5 cm into the soil, if its dry add water if not don’t.When containers are grouped together it is important to check the moisture of more than one container before watering, just because one container needs water doesn’t mean all of them do.Throughout the day moisture is not only drawn from the plant, but from the container as well, so water containers early in the morning to ensure your containers have plenty of moisture for the day ahead.Remember containers dry out faster than garden soil and smaller containers dry out faster than larger ones so they may often require watering daily. Also remember not to water during, before or after rainy weather.How to water pots or containers:To avoid soil and dirt splashing from the containers water with a spray, try to stick the nozzle beneath the foliage when watering, this not only reduces splashing, but it prevents water from gathering on and between foliage and flowers which helps avoid disease build up and encourages a healthy plant.When watering containers do so thoroughly, water to the point where water runs out the bottom of the container.

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