Want to stop killing plants, become a great gardener and grow your own food?  Let us guide you.

Tips and benefits of growing your own vegetables and edibles at home

White brinjals with violet trimmings, scarlet and green chillies, and a palette of green and brown crunchy salad leaves. These are the jewels that delight the passionate modern gardener. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they promise a profusion of flavor when we harvest and eat these earthly treasures. 

Healthy treasures from your home garden.

Researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway identified these following 7 plant foods as “Dietary Treasures”Spices, Herbs, Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Vegetables and Fruits.These “Treasures” are loaded with plant-compounds with magical qualities to promote health, boost the immune system, resist chronic disease and keep you bright, supple, strong and most importantly youthful! And the good news is they can all be organically grown in the home garden to ensure the abundant supply in freshly harvested food.

Freshly picked Health – Benefits of Home Grown Herbs and Vegetables.

Herbs and Vegetables contain generous quantities of beta carotene in green and orange parts.  Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in our bodies. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant which mops up free radical waste in the body. Yes your grandmother was right when she told you to eat your veggies to protect your eyesight!Send the flu virus packing by building a strong respiratory system with infection fighting vitamin C in rich supply in all freshly picked fruit and vegetables.  Best sources are citrus, guavas, tomatoes and strawberries.Lycopene which is found in tomatoes and other bright colored vegetables prevents prostrate cancer in men.Leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and cabbage contain a  plant chemical, indole-3-carbinol(I-3-C) that can program cancerous cells to “commit suicide” and die before the cancer spreads in soft tissues of the breast, colon and prostrate.Garlic, onions, leeks and chives from the Allium family contain natural sulphur, allicin, allixin that stimulate the immune system,  are still some of the best natural antibiotics and chillies we all know give us a healthy high as the firey burn releases endorphins which are wonderful counters to stress and depression.Autum is the ideal time to plant a garden of healthy edible treasures which will be ready for harvest to prepare hearty winter meals for your loved ones!

10 Tips for Growing Organic Vegetables at Home:

  1. VEGETABLES ARE SUN LOVERS Choose a spot in the garden that gets full sun all day for best results.
  2. VEGETABLES ARE SEASONAL Select vegetable varieties according to season and climate of the area you live in.  Most seed packets detail prime planting periods per variety.
  3. PLAN STAGED PLANTINGS TO ENSURE VARIETY AND CONTINUIOUS SUPPLY FOR THE KITCHEN Plant a few seeds of each variety every week to ensure harvests over the full season.
  4. PREPARE BEDS AND DIG IN COMPOST BEFORE BUYING SEEDLINGS Seedlings lose vigour and health if they stay unplanted for a period out of the ideal conditions of nursery care.
  5. OLD SEEDS EXPIRE To ensure successful germination purchase fresh seeds each season.
  6. PLANT EDIBLES THAT YOUR FAMILY LIKE TO EAT There are a lovely variety of novel, tasty, and colourful vegetables to choose from, but if your family does not eat “frilly kale” do not plant it.

–    Root and Bulb vegetables need good phosphates to develop strong roots and bulbs so plant with Vita Grow 2:3:2(16)

–    Leafy vegetables need nitrogen and potassium for green growth so feed with Vita Veg 6:3:4(16)

–    Fruiting vegetables need nitrogen and more potassium to stimulate flower and fruit so plant with Vita Grow 2:3:2(16) and feed before flowering with Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5(18)

  1.  WATER VEGETABLES REGULARLY In dry, warm weather water at least 3 times per week and preferably in the morning to prepare them for the heat of the day.
  2. MULCH VEGETABLE BEDS AFTER SEEDS GERMINATE To prevent weed growth, retain soil moisture and maintain a constant soil temperature.
  3. DO NOT SPRAY POISONS ON VEGETABLES There are non-toxic Biogrow organic pest and disease solutions stocked by Garden Centres that work effectively without poison.

Why drink pills when you can eat berries?

Berries and fruits contain a large number of vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants to lower cholesterol, promote digestive and urinary health, and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

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Written by Jenny Slabber of Talborne Organics.

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