Want to stop killing plants, become a great gardener and grow your own food?  Let us guide you.

Labelling your garden

Time to organise.Time to do some plantingIt is time to get organised and do some planting, but you must remember to label your plants in your garden clearly. But the question is, do your labels from last year look weathered and unattractive?As any committed vegetable gardener will tell you, wooden labels  often deteriorate in the garden and need to be regularly replaced. A clever cost-effective solution to labelling your vegetable and herb garden is to use  unique UV protected and waterproof labels. These labels come in a neat black background with clear visible writing&nbsp, and are  printed on a special board (standard size is 15 cm by 9 cm.)You can also  customize your labels see thee link beneath, they  can assist you in doing so. They charge a small additional cost  for artwork and Printing is available in English or Afrikaans, if you can provide them with correct spelling they do it in any other language too. The rectangular labels are a very simple DIY installation as they are easily glued onto any surface using a standard tube of silicone or should you prefer an alternative they also have labels with a spike which can be planted in a bed.Planted Veg Garden 6The labels are available from your local nursery or order on line via are made nationwide.Walxscape

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