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12 budget – friendly ways to jazz up your garden and patio using printed garden art

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Do you have that drab space in your garden or patio in desperate need of a mini makeover without damaging your budget?

Whether your space is big or small take a look at these inexpensive AND clever ways to “Zhoosh up” your space to make it more charming and comfortable by using printed garden art which is guaranteed to create that WOW factor instantly.


  1. Go from drab to fab:If you have an outdoor lapa area that is more drab than fab consider adding one of these high resolution garden art print of vibrant orange tulips, add a patio set and some plants and a few colourful, comfy cushions and “voila” your instant makeover creating a perfect atmosphere to enjoy that delectable glass of wine.
  1. Hiding a neighbours wall is as easy as 1,2,3.You may have a horrible neighbour’s brick wall or damaged wall that you want to hide. Take a memory from your latest holiday like this memorable trip to Bangkok in Thailand, then add a bit of silicone and your 1.9m x 1m image is up in seconds with no paint, no mess and no fuss.
  1. Entertaining your want –to- be little picasso:Add a wall mountable chalkboard to your outside entertainment area. A sure way to keep an eye on your children whilst entertaining plus a great way to use as a score board too for all your outdoor games. Various colourful borders are available as well as funky chalk colours like teal, budgie blue, smooch red, sunflower yellow, mulberry purple or candy floss pink instead of the traditional black.

4. Add these on-trend “floral tiles” to your space.

Don’t be fooled these look like the real deal but aren’t. Use these expensive looking“floral tile” printed images smartly instead of actual tiles which not only look like the real deal but will save you the the time and hassle of installing tiles plus they will be easy on your budget too. This glamorous space is created literally in a few minutes.

  1. Bring out imagination with this great conversation talkerAround your boma or fireplace, using this garden art print that will be the talk of the night. After a few glasses of wine your family and friends might see a different image all together. A really stunning print that is so effective in this cozy space and will definitely get your guests talking.
  1. Love your container office:By adding this art print into your office you will create the illusion very cleverly of a false window. Say goodbye to that claustrophobic-boxed-up feeling and say hello to a beautiful garden scene that will boost those office day dreaming moments.
  1. Liven up a dead end in a garden.Attract attention to your garden with a printed door image that is an actual size of a door. It’s great to bring your garden to life and adds of sense of mystery of “what’s behind that door” for all visitors to your garden.
  1. Maximise your garden walls.Most gardens focus on the ground surface however, the walls and fences that we have created in our modern lives offer a great opportunity for creativity and design. The “Pathway to nowhere” garden print was added to this garden space giving the 3D effect that the garden continues forever.
  1. If not? why not? Bring your treasured family portraits outside.These wall mountable images are printed with eco friendly ink on a waterproof and UV treated board for protection against the harshness of the sun’s damage and ideally suited for outdoor use #clever #on-trend # unique.
  1. Bring in a water feature.Big-budget garden makeovers usually incorporate water features but now you can enjoy the visual benefits with a water feature art print especially to a smaller garden or to hide an unattractive wall. There is no water feature maintenance required and with a very simple DIY installation this is a sure budget saver and winner. Don’t forget to add a creeper and wooden trellis to finish off your focal point.

11. Need some privacy and sun protection on your patio.

Put up stick backdrops together with some art prints. By incorporating an outdoor lounge seating area with loads of scatter cushions you are creating an inviting space for entertaining or for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

  1. Can’t afford a mural?We have the answer. Incorporate a garden art print like this one to your outdoor shower for example. And when you want a mood change simple remove the old print and add a new one without any need of paint or artist required.

All art prints and chalkboards are available from Wall X Scape. Order simply online via www.wallxscape.co.za. They have over  200 images to choose from to suit your style garden, patio or home. If you can’t find an image you like you have the opportunity to upload your own high resolution image. Customised print sizes are available too. Deliveries are nationwide.

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