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How to plant up a pot or container

Planting up pots and containers:

Containers are a great addition to any entrance, patio, entertainment area or garden. Here’s some advice when planting up containers.

The size of your container really matters, always keep the container size relative to the plants you plan to plant. Larger is always better, this insures there is enough soil to really support your plants the way you want.

There are many types of containers available ranging from ceramic to synthetic, clay and even wooden or metallic. The choice depends on the “look” you would like to achieve and on the textures and colours of the objects, architecture and plants surrounding your container.

Whatever type container you use, it’s very important that you allow for good drainage. Very few plants enjoy wet feet. Always make sure your container has drainage holes and just to be safe lift it onto a brick or 2. Place some gravel, pebbles or a few broken polystyrene seedling trays in the bottom of the container. This reduces the amount of soil needed, prevents soil from leaching and ensures good drainage.

Containers need to be planted up with the correct soil. Ideal soils for containers are well drained, light weight and fertile.  Already mixed special container medium blends are readily available form nurseries, garden centres and home improvement stores. Don’t use garden soil in containers, they form a heavy cloggy mess and go rock hard when containers dry out, this destroys your precious plants and prevents water from filtering into the soil.

Over the course material in the bottom, fill the container (to round about half way) making sure to measure that the root ball is about 2cm from the top of the container when placed on top of the soil.

Now mix the soil with a recommended dose (Available on packaging) of slow release fertilizer and bone meal. Lightly firm the soil into the container to remove trapped air pockets. Water before planting.

One by one remove your plants from their current containers and position them on top of the soil. Make sure the root balls are level and align them about 2 cm beneath the rim of the container (This level will drop once you water). Fill in some more soil around the root balls to the same level.

Watering is always extremely important when gardening in containers. Water your plants in well once done planting. – see when and how to water containers, pots and containerised plants.






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