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How to do winter rose pruning in South Africa (also known as severe pruning of roses)

Severe rose pruning or winter rose pruning in South Africa:

In South Africa winter pruning of roses or severe rose pruning is generally done in late winter, during June – August. This pruning type helps stimulate rejuvenation and produce longer stems and can also be used to train the rose plant.

  • With a sharp and clean secateurs start the rose pruning by cutting off all the top growth. This will help you get a better view of the framework of the rose bush. A general rule of thumb with winter rose pruning is to start removing the top third of the plant.
  • Remove and prune away any diseased or dead wood, as well as old and misshapen stems. This will help to improve the shape of the rose bush.
    (as a rule of thumb, remove all stems thinner than a pencil)
  • Keep last year’s growth, which will be paler green or have a reddish tinge and prune away older stems, which are usually grey-brown in colour.
  • Inspect the rose bush and select three to five of last year’s stems from the bottom of the plant, these should be well spaced to form an open cup shape – and prune them off at about knee height.
  • Remember to remove all but the diseased plant material to the compost heap after pruning your roses.

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