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Growing Roses In a Healthy Soil

A Healthy Soil Makes for a Healthy Rose.

The secret to beautiful roses is easy … It’s in the soil.

Soil is the foundation of all living plants. Healthy soils ensure healthy plants. Poor soils lack the structure and ability to hold nutrients and water, which will ultimately affect plant growth. Roses are gross feeders, which mean they have a high demand for fertilizers and plant nutrition. They also require regular watering (i.e. a good soak at least 3 times a week). 

Healthy soil is able to ‘hold’ and retain the plant nutrients added through fertilizer applications. In poor soil, the nutrients are not retained by the soil and regular watering will result in them being leached out of the root zone without being fully utilized. This is costly and wasteful. It also means that your rose plant will not flourish as it should.

Healthy soils are alive. They contain organic material and soil microbes which support root and plant growth.  The easiest way to improve your soil health and structure is to incorporate compost into the soil.

Compost should be incorporated into the soil mix with all new plantings.  In established flower beds, Compost can be incorporated by lightly digging it into the top 10cm of your soil – or if you prefer not to interfere with the soil area, apply as a mulch (approx 5cm deep). Mulching has the additional benefit of retaining moisture in the soil, regulating the soil temperatures and also reducing weed growth.

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