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Equipment, materials and tools needed for rose pruning.

What equipment, materials and tools do you need for rose pruning?

Rose pruning can only be fun (for you and your roses) if you have the right materials and tools for the job. Follow this advice when selecting the equipment, materials and tools you will need for rose pruning.

  • Prune your roses with a sharp
    sterile and clean pair of secateurs.
  • A sharp and clean long handled-lopper is a great tool when pruning
    older and larger rose bushes.
  • Severe pruning of older rose bushes often requires a sharp garden saw.
  • A healthy pair of strong, (preferably leather) gloves minimizes
    injury from thorns and prevents
    blisters when pruning a number
    of rose

  • Use Oleum, lime sulphur or Citrex
    to treat your roses against pests
    and diseases after pruning.
  • Compost, general rose fertilizer
    and bone meal or superphos

    phate should be added to roses after pruning.

    You should also take along your new best gardening tool, on a smartphone or tablet to follow rose
    pruning instructions
    and other
    relevant pruning advice.


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